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Submental-Fat Reduction Thanks to Kybella

Do you have excess fat in the area under your chin that just won’t go away? Does it make you look older than you actually are? Submental fat – fat in the area under your chin – is a common issue that many people face. For many, the go-to solution – going under the knife […]

SkinMedica Anti-Aging Products in Austin

SkinMedica offers a complete line of anti-aging and skin care products that have been scientifically engineered to mimic the natural healing properties of human skin. SkinMedica’s advanced formulations have been shown to actually reverse the effects of aging and produce younger, healthier cells. Utilizing the power of the human body to rejuvenate itself, SkinMedica products […]

Types of Acne

FOUND AT OUR AUSTIN MEDSPA If you are suffering from acne in the Austin area, the first step to take before considering treatment is identifying the type of acne that you are dealing with. More mild forms of acne can be improved significantly with inexpensive over the counter products, whereas more serious types of acne can require doctor intervention. […]

About The Tri-Laser Removal Process

When treating a tattoo with the Tri-Lase laser system, you can expect reliable, predictable, clinical results with minimal risk of adverse reactions and textural changes to the skin. This laser system selectively targets the pigmentation in the tattoo while preserving the surrounding healthy skin. The skin’s immune system will then start cleansing the fragments of […]

Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products You Need By FDA law and regulation, there are ingredients in doctor’s office, skin care products that are not available in your local, over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products from your pharmacy or department store. Many of the products you obtain at a cosmetic dermatology office or medical spa, operated by a physician, […]

A Review of Austin Liposuction Options

With all of the demand in Austin for medical procedures that are geared toward body sculpture, many new potential patients who seek liposuction as their ideal choice are hoping to find a variety of liposuction reviews, detailed information about each, and an overall valid perspective from each practice on why their form of liposuction is […]

A New Liposuction Alternative in Austin

A revolutionary new liposuction alternative and the first ever in Austin is finally here. It’s called Body-Jet liposuction and it’s a method that effectively removes fat permanently to gain the body that you’ve always wanted. Body-Jet uses a fan-shaped laminar jet that simultaneously irrigates and removes fatty tissue. The gentle separation of fat cells from […]

Laser Dermatology in Austin

Aesthetica Med Spa offers advanced Austin laser dermatology services at both North and South locations. As laser technology grows more sophisticated each year, the use of non-invasive light energy for the treatment of skin conditions is safer and gentler than ever. Lasers are utilized in a variety of medical applications and more recently these devices […]

Dealing with Facial Wrinkles

Are you noticing wrinkles and folds in your face that were not there last year? Is there an upcoming event for which you would like to look your best? Whether you’re 35 and just beginning to see the first signs of aging, or 55 with skin that isn’t exactly keeping your age a secret, seeking […]

Facial Waxing in Austin

ABOUT FACIAL WAXING We offer facial waxing at Aesthetica Med Spa. We can help you groom your eyebrows, wax your upper lip, or any other facial area. Facial waxing consists of applying warm melted wax mixed with oil and rosin over unwanted hairs on the face. A strip of muslin is then placed over the […]

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