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Body Contouring Procedures In Austin

At Aesthetica Med Spa, we’re highly experienced in a vast range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures for your face, hair and body, all of which can give you renewed beauty and confidence without the expense or risk of invasive surgery. From varicose vein removal to hair restoration, our treatments are designed with your utmost safety and satisfaction in mind. Take a look at just a few of our most popular procedures below.


A Silhouette ThreadLift is a faster and gentler alternative to a full surgical facelift. It involves the use of thin and flexible Contour Thread sutures to subtly lift sagging facial tissues to create a smoother, more youthful appearance. There are no scalpels, no tissue removal, and recovery takes just weeks compared to the months of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Proceduresswelling and bruising caused by a surgical facelift. Additionally, the finished results are incredibly subtle and gentle, allowing your own natural beauty to shine through.


This revolutionary liposuction method uses a pulsating spray of fluid to remove fatty deposits with minimal tissue trauma, rapid recovery, and more controlled results. The technique can be used over the entire abdomen, waist, back, hips and thighs and even in smaller areas such as the arms and knees, or perhaps under the Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedureschin. Body-Jet® Liposuction allows your physician to accurately sculpt the body to mimic the body’s natural contours without causing excessive damage; you’ll recover in just a matter of days in order to enjoy your new slimmer, sleeker body.


Unsightly varicose veins in the legs not only give away our age, but they can cause pain and discomfort, too. Ascelera™ is are non-surgical cosmetic procedures to minimize the appearance of spider and varicose veins; when injected into veins, it damages the vein lining and causes blood to clot until new click-for-more-buttontissue grows to replace the vein. Treatment is fast and downtime is very minimal, making this an incredibly popular leg vein treatment.


We can help you achieve your dream physique with modern body contouring treatments at our medical spa in Austin, TX. Our team will help you determine the best treatment plan, procedures and how to make it work with your budget. Call or fill out a contact form to get started today!

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