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Dysport Aspire Program

What could be better than looking your best and earning fantastic rewards along the way? With Aspire Galderma Rewards, that’s exactly what you can do! Every Dysport and Restylane procedure you undergo will earn you valuable points which you can then redeem in a variety of rewarding ways. Joining is so easy, and the longer and more regularly you have Galderma procedures, the more you’ll earn in rewards.

Access Rewards as Soon as You Join

It’s completely free to join the Dysport Aspire Galderma Program, and when you do you’ll receive an instant $20 treatment certificate which you can redeem against any Dysport or Restylane procedure. You’ll also get instant access to exclusive discounts on your favorite treatments and special perks. Joining is so easy – just visit www.aspirerewards.comto get started.

Earn Points and Save

Each time you undergo a Galderma treatment, you’ll earn points which you will be able to redeem in a variety of ways, including cash back via check cards, discounts on products from much-loved brands in the exclusive Aspire retail boutique, or exclusive savings on Galderma procedures. You also have the chance to earn points in a variety of other unique ways, so be sure to check your account regularly to find out exactly how you can earn even more rewards.

Work Your Way Through Loyalty Levels for More Rewards

The Dysport Aspire Galderma Program has five loyalty levels for you to reach, each one offering more earning potential and even more exciting rewards. The levels grow with you, so each time you access a new level you’ll receive extra rewards on top of those already available to you in the previous level. You’ll start at Base Level, before moving through Connector, Insider and Royalty levels, until you earn over 1500 points when you’ll become an Aspire VIP and able to access any and every reward on offer.

Points are earned each time you undergo a Galderma procedure. Dysport injections will earn you 200 points per visit, whilst Restylane procedures will allow you to earn up to 400 points with each visit. If you’re truly dedicated to the beautifying impact of Dysport and undergo the treatment four times within two years, you’ll also get an extra 200 bonus points.

Refer Friends to Earn More Points

We love it when our patients recommend their favorite procedures to others, and the Aspire Program does too. You can earn 100 points for every friend you refer to the program, and can invite up to five friends in each calendar year – that’s an extra 500 points within reach every year!

Start Your Journey With Aspire Rewards

No matter if you’re an experienced and regular user of Dysport or Restylane, or you’re brand new to the procedures and love the idea of earning rewards, there’s no better time to join Dysport Aspire Galderma Rewards. Head over to to sign up, and look forward to working your way through the Aspire levels during your aesthetic journey.

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