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While it’s normal for our face to lose volume as we age, it doesn’t have to be something you must put up with. With the right practitioner, you can simply recreate natural contours and definition without the need for invasive surgery. Similar to other cosmetic filler treatments such as Juvederm, Voluma, Belotero and Radiesse, Restylane is injected into the tissues to gently plump the skin and create a more youthful facial profile.


Restylane is a suitable cosmetic dermatology treatment for a wide range of people who have lost definition of the facial features due to aging. It is suitable for plumping and softening cheeks, improving the look of cheekbones or redefining the chin and jawline. It is also useful for minimizing lines around the lips and mouth. Further, if you were not born with the contours you always wanted, they can actually be created if you are being injected by a master injector, such as the practitioners we have at Aesthetica Med Spa.


austin restylaneRestylane is injected deep into the tissue via a fine needle which also contains lidocaine to help you manage any discomfort. This is so that it successfully adds volume to the area in order to support and smooth the overlying skin. A small amount of lidocaine, a local anesthetic, is included in the filler to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The treatment can take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes, varying on the treatment area. Whilst mild tenderness, bruising and swelling may be visible after the procedure, these side effects wear off within 2-7 days.

The volumizing effects of Restylane last between 6 to 12 months depending on the location of the injection. When you have Restylane in Austin at Aesthetic Med Spa you can speak to one of our cosmetic dermatology experts about the procedure and get a better understanding of how long your treatment will last. We are one of the most experienced injecting offices in Austin, having worked with Restylane in Austin since it first was introduced in the US.


Booking your Restylane in Austin appointment could not be more simple. Just give us a call and schedule your free consulation with an expert that help you make the wisest decisions. And, as always, there is always a doctor on site in our office. At your appointment, we will discuss your requirements and advise on the best treatment areas to allow you to achieve the defined, youthful profile you desire.



  • I love this place!!!!! Starting with Georganna, she is so sweet! She is so welcoming. I felt so comfortable talking to the staff about my insecurities which I think comes with age. They helped me with frustrating lines on my face that I have been dealing with for years. They didn't judge me, and they were honest with the expectations of what to expect. Christina has a very gentle touch when doing treatments that I could barely feel it. I would never go to another med spa. I highly recommend Aesthetica Med Spa !!!!!!

    - Yesenia Martinez

  • Had a wonderful experience with Christina, she did an amazing job with my Botox and my mom's; will definitely go back again and recommend to all my friends. All the staff were very friendly and Christina is very knowledgeable, great consultation. Clean and relaxing environment. Definitely enjoyed my visit.

    - Ollie Hall

  • I went to Aesthetica for the first time about 2 weeks ago for Botox and all I have to say is Christina D. is the absolute BEST! She was very friendly, super knowledgeable, and I'm so happy with the results! She will be my new "go to" girl from now on!

    - Jordyn Bisbee

  • After visiting other "discount" spas I went to Aesthetica for Botox. They were friendly and professional. The treatment I received finally addressed those lines between my eyebrows. They really know what they are doing. Plus they have excellent specials. They are my spa for facial treatments from now on.

    - Charlotte Bell

  • Very professional, knowledgeable, and attentive staff. Highly recommend photo facial and Botox for youthful results.

    - Harte Haag

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